Large Parrot Cages For Sale

Standing parrot cages represent a fashion statement from some points of view. Both you (the owner) and your parrot will benefit from them. The parrot is at the right height, while you will love the compact and fashionable appearance. Portability is the key benefit too. See below our top standing parrot cage picks:

  • Best Choice Products New Large Play Top Bird Cage Parttot Finch Macaw Cockatoo can definitely be taken for a front runner. It looks amazing, but it is obvious how strong and durable it is too. This product is designed for a large parrot, but you can just as well house more smaller birds. The coat finish is nontoxic, so your parrots will be safe even if they start chewing it. Feeder doors, stainless steel cups and swivel casters are just some of the numerous features coming with this cage.
  • Prevue Pet Products F070 Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage With Stand is the perfect option if you have more species of birds or if you are a breeder. This large horizontal cage comes with a middle grate, which can be removed or put back in, depending on your needs. It is ideal for small birds, while the wrought iron construction ensures a durable and solid finish. This cage comes with four cups for water and food, as well as four perches. The stand makes it portable and very easy to move around.
  • Pawhut Large Play Top Bird Dometop Cage W/ Stand And Wheels – Black Vein is not to be ignored either. The large and sturdy design makes this cage a powerful solution for powerful birds. The epoxy finish is safe for birds because it is not toxic. Interested in letting your bird out of the cage for a while? Open the top small doors and fit them on top of the cage with a perch. You also come up with a fancy play area that your bird will love. 

Exploring the numerous travel parrot cages, as well as their leading products

Travel parrot cages are designed to be portable. Keep in mind that they may not necessarily be used as regular home cages. They simply do not provide enough room. Therefore, just like for home cages, you need to purchase this unit with your parrot’s necessities in mind.

  • Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage 1305 White is simple and performs by the book. It has the required amenities to be a helpful transportation cage. It has one perch and two stainless steel cups for water and food. You probably know already that parrots require a lot of fresh water. The cage is also foldable, so it is very easy to carry around and store.
  • King’s Cages ATT 1214 Aluminum Parrot Bird Cage is better known for the bird proof lock. The lock is activated by two magnets, so it is less likely to open up by itself during the transportation. The cage is fully foldable and does not require any screws, bolts or nuts. It has a handle, a perch and a solid frame that guarantees for a top notch durability.
  • Mcage Collapsible Travel Bird Cage is a white coated, yet safe product developed for parrot transportation. The feeding bowls it comes with are made of aluminum. They are also fitted with some brackets, so they can be attached and removed within seconds only. The bottom grate keeps the bird away from its droppings. One perch is also included for the parrot’s entertainment. 

Evaluating the benefits of round cages, as well as the best selling models

Round cages are a bit different from rectangular models, whether you count the overall design or the actual functionality. Just like any other type of category out there, they have both pluses and minuses. The general idea is pretty simple though – a little attention to these features will give you the perfect product. 

  • Mcage 20-Inch Open And Close Dome Plays Top Parrot Lovebird Cockatiel Cockatiels Parakeets Cage comes from a reputable manufacturer and has a hybrid design – rectangular bottom and round top. The stand is extremely strong, while the arched legs add to its appearance. It is portable and comes with a separate top play area if you open the feeder doors. Wooden perches and stainless steel cups add to the best reasons wherefore this cage is so widely appreciated. The removable bottom grate makes maintenance piece of cake. The tray is also sliding out, so you can clean it within seconds only.
  • YML 24-Inch Dometop Parrot Cage With Stand is among the best looking round parrot cages. It has a large swinging door and brings in two extra feeding doors. The feeding cups are made of plastic, but this aspect does not affect their durability. A couple of perches are very handy as well. Despite the large size, this unit can be maintained within minutes only. Basically, you just need to remove the bottom pan and grate. Keep them under running water for a couple of minutes and they will look brand new. Sometimes, a little scrubbing might be needed. Just like most other units coming with a stand, this one is flexible and easy to move around.
  • King’s Cages Superior Line SLT 6432 Parrot Cage is self explanatory. This cage is built for those who have more parrots or even more types of birds. It has a divider. It is removable, so it is up to you to decide whether or not your birds can get along. This type of model is very handy for breeders too. It has a short stand, which makes it easy to move around. The seed catcher also adds to its convenience. Parrots are quite messy when they eat, so the catcher ensures that no food remains manage to escape.

Having a parrot might be a bit overwhelming for some people. A parrot is not like any other random bird that you can keep in a cage for the rest of its life. Instead, it asks for a serious responsibility. Parrots must spend at least a few hours a day out of their cages, only to exercise and enjoy the freedom. They require plenty of fresh water as well. However, these are some general requirements. Every specie out there needs particular elements in order to stay healthy and fit. From this point of view, you should seriously educate yourself on the lifestyle of your specie. What kind of food does it like? What are its favorite habits? How about the housing necessities? How much room does it require? Research is the mother of education, so take your time before even buying the cage.

The cage is probably the most important element in a parrot’s life. It represents its actual home. While it is supposed to spend a lot of time out of the cage too, this home is the place where the parrot relaxes and feels safe. When “outdoors”, it mostly exercises, has fun and explores the surroundings. A parrot’s home is like your home. You need a place where you can always return to rediscover yourself and recharge your batteries. Your parrot feels the same, hence the necessity to purchase the right product. If there is one good news in this process, that is the fact that you will find a lot of products. There are literally dozens of manufacturers and brands out there. Each of them has more models to choose from. The bad news is that such an overwhelming offer can cause a lot of struggle. Different products look alike, yet their costs are alternating.

On a different note, you will also run into products that look very cheap, yet they seem to raise to the parrot’s necessities. This is where education kicks in. Our informative guides should provide enough details regarding these problems. Most of these nameless products come from random manufacturers. No one has ever heard about them. They are not familiar with the parrot’s lifestyle, so they make a lot of mistakes. Some of them might be fatal. Most of these cheap cages draw some attention with their good looking colors. What parrot owners do not know is the fact that most parrots like to chew bars sometimes. When they eat the toxic paint, they might actually die.

Figuring the most important things to look for in a parrot cage

Buying the right parrot cage looks very challenging, indeed. However, you need to understand the main factors to look for in the process and the entire shopping session becomes a lot easier. Knowing the most important factors can also help you narrow your selections a little. So what do you need to pay attention to?

  • Sizing standards are critical in the process. They mostly go in one direction though. Practically, the larger the parrot cage is, the better your bird will feel. Obviously, there are a lot of limitations in the process. For example, some people may not necessarily be able to accommodate a very large cage inside a small apartment. At the same time, the budget plays a very important role in the process too. But since different types of parrots come with different housing necessities, it is crucial to at least respect these requirements. If you can go larger, do it. If you cannot even raise to the parrot’s needs, you might want a different parrot or perhaps you should just make an effort.
  • Bar spacing is yet another important consideration that should never be overlooked. The reasons are quite obvious. Buy a cage with a large bar spacing and your parrot can escape. The situation can become even more severe if the spacing looks just slightly tighter than your bird. Practically, the parrot will try to escape, but it might get its head stuck in there. You will not be around it on a 24/7 basis to monitor its moves. Therefore, try to avoid taking such risks. Just make sure that the spacing is tight enough to prevent such situations. Once again, a little education can answer most of your questions.
  • Bar orientation is the third most important consideration when looking for a parrot cage. Most newbies rarely pay attention to the direction of the bars. However, they should remember that parrots love to climb. Horizontal bars are oriented toward the bird’s necessities. Climbing is a lot easier. After all, vertical bars are quite slippery, so the parrot might become frustrated with this incapability. On the other hand, vertical bars are good because droppings will just slide down instead of hitting more bars. Anyhow, having at least one or two vertical bar walls is a main necessity. 

Understanding the advantages of purchasing the right parrot cage

While looking for cages, you will find a lot of general models that seem suitable for your parrot. As long as they look large enough to accommodate it, why not? You will also find some cages that are specifically developed for parrots, dogs and cats. Some of them might be worth your attention, especially if they come from reliable manufacturers. Some others are not as helpful as you might think. While the size is, indeed, the first and most important thing to pay attention to, there are other relevant considerations that recommend a specific model.

Keep in mind that a parrot cage is designed for parrots. Bar spacing is tight or large enough to ensure a perfect accommodation, without any risks at all. At the same time, such cages are very lightweight. While a cage for a parrot might look almost identical to a cage for a cat, the cat is a lot heavier, hence the necessity of a sturdier unit. When you get a parrot, you obviously do not need the strongest cage in the world because the bird is not so powerful. Instead, you need something lightweight and resistant in front of the parrot’s beak and claws. The importance of a lightweight model is even more obvious if you need a travel parrot cage.

Finally, parrots have different behaviors. A parrot is more likely to attempt chewing the bars with its beak. A cat is not really interested in such activities with its teeth. Parrots love climbing. Dogs do not feel like doing it. Parrots also require some perches to relax on. Obviously, unless a cage is highly customizable to match all these small details, you might want to invest in a model that is specifically developed for parrots.

What we are here to help you with

We have launched this portal with two primary goals in mind. First of all, we aim to educate people on the necessity of actually being responsible when they get a parrot. A parrot is a being that needs special attention and love. Without a home, everything else is in vain. This is why it is so important to buy the right cage. Our informative section brings in some detailed answers to most of your concerns, but also helps you understand a parrot’s lifestyle and necessities. This form of education is the first thing you should focus on.

From that point on, we know that you will feel intimidated by the wide offer of parrot cages. You will barely be able to understand why one product is better than another. You will not be able to make the difference between features, yet two apparently identical cages will cost differently. The secret to a good decision stays in your ability to analyze features and figure how each of them can help your parrot. Small details are not always too obvious, yet they might be very relevant in the attempt to choose the perfect unit. All these details combined will lead to a perfect choice. But how much time do you need to do it by the book?

This is when our reviews step in to give you a hand. Our experts have identified the best products. But what do these products come with? First of all, you cannot tell if a parrot cage can match your needs without researching it. Second, we have focused on the best selling products. It is simple. As long as they sell, there must be something good about them. They would not sell so well if they had nothing but negative reviews and horror stories. From this point of view, these products are also very well rated. These are the front runners. Our experts have analyzed their features, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Find out what your parrot needs and you are only a few hours away from making the best decision.

Analyzing the different types of parrot cages

Parrot cages are extremely diversified. The more you search, the more models you will pop into. They can also be classified by a lot of different criteria. Some of them are better than others, but it clearly depends on the parrot’s necessities. After all, what works for some people is less likely to work for everyone else. Keep in mind that any kind of shape, feature or mild innovation can be taken for a classification criteria. The same rule applies to the materials. For example, you can find the following categories:

  • Standing parrot cages
  • Travel parrot cages
  • Round parrot cages
  • Rectangular parrot cages
  • Hybrid parrot cages
  • Aluminum parrot cages
  • Stainless steel parrot cages
  • Wrought iron parrot cages

These are only a few things you might run into. Obviously, some of these categories are small and irrelevant, yet some of them do stand up in the crowd.

Standing parrot cages represent a solid category. Basically, these are nothing but some simple cages, only they come with stand right under them. The stand gives you the opportunity to avoid scratching other pieces of furniture, not to mention about maintaining a unitary design. Your parrot will also love the possibility to be kept at the same level. After all, these birds are extremely curious, so they want to see everything around. Most standing parrot cages are also portable. Their stands come with small wheels, so you can move them around from one room to another.

On a different note, travel parrot cages are obviously designed with one major purpose in mind – being portable and flexible. These cages cannot actually be used with home based purposes. They are relatively small and cannot perfectly accommodate a parrot. They are, however, very useful over short distances. Do not imagine that you can just buy a larger model and use it with more different purposes. You might find the same size in a home cage for a small parrot and a travel cage for a large parrot. But while sizes are similar, bar spacing is different. Put the small parrot inside the travel cage and it will manage to escape. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to such things. Even if you do not really travel too much, it is still worth having a small travel cage for vet visits every once in a while.

Round parrot cages represent a standalone category too. In a world where most pet shops rely on rectangular units, the round variant brings in a vintage, retro, yet good looking design. These models have a series of other benefits too. Aside from the beautiful look, they are also a lot easier to hang because they have a low center of gravity. Transporting them is easier too. Keep in mind that many of these cages are also considered to be hybrid. Basically, the bottom part is rectangular, while the top one is round. 


As a short final conclusion, we hope that our deep research can help you draw the conclusions yourself. Remember that we cannot tell what the best parrot cage for you is, since it depends on the species you own. What we can do implies educating you accordingly and giving you some details about the best rated products in commerce. Go through our informative section for the educational part, then read our detailed and unbiased reviews for a proper evaluation of your potential options. Without researching your solutions, you are less likely to pick the right product.